What to Expect:

Sunday Worship @ Stoneman Chapel

Sunday services at Stoneman Chapel – 200 E. Leland, Pittsburg start at 10 a.m. followed by fellowship in the Social Hall. Our children leave worship after the Children’s message to study from the Joyful Path Curriculum.

1st Sunday of the month: Communion. As we feast at the Lord’s table, remember those in our community who are hungry with your donations to the Food Barrel.

3rd Sunday of the month: Sparkle Sunday – let your light shine through your wardrobe – there is no such thing as too many sequins or too much glitter! Flashing lapel pins have also been seen on some collars.

Last Sunday of each month – A NEW WAY service – our multicultural, alternative worship service.


Monday Devotional & Bible Study

Join us Monday mornings for a devotional & bible study led by Pastor Christy Parks-Ramage @ 10 a.m. Camp Stoneman Roon


Tuesday Study Group

Join us for an ongoing study group each Tuesday morning led by Pastor Will McGarvey.

The curriculum changes – we use books, videos and guest speakers.